Apple Harvest Day!

Apple Harvest!

Apple HarvestLast year was the first time I’ve ever heard of “Apple Harvest day.” Apple Harvest is a day long celebration held in Dover, NH. They have activities for the entire family from pony rides, to face painting, bouncy houses, food, and more! Last year, I worked from 9-12 at Photosmith while Steve went down to judge the Apple Pie contest. I didn’t get down to see any of the festivities last year because I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of it.

Crushed LeavesI will say this though. The crowds were crazy! I’m still trying to figure out where everyone was able to park. People must have been parking in Somersworth and walking over. It was crazy. The estimates were in the “Tens of thousands” for the number of people who showed up. I mean, look at this photo of the leaves. These leaves were whole at the beginning of the day. At noon when I was down there, they were just pulverized.

Apple HarvestI will say, I’m a little disappointed in myself. I didn’t have one “Apple” product while I was out and about. Not cider or apple pie, which are two of my favorite things in the entire world. I think the size of the crowds were overpowering my sense of wanting that sweet apple goodness. That being said, I didn’t have anything to eat or drink, so It wasn’t just the apples I was giving up on.

I plan to do a follow up post once I develop the film photos from the day, so stay tuned for that!

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