It’s spring time…

It’s spring time! You know what that means? Time to plant. I haven’t ever planted my very own vegetable garden before. Growing up, we planted a few tomato plants and probably a few other things, however our primary source of veggies was either the store or my Grandfather. Two years ago, I started some seeds but never ended up planting them due to the move back to Rochester. Last year, I was on the go too much and didn’t feel I had the time to dedicate to taking care of them. This year however, I’m happy to say that with my job schedule and new house, I think I might just be able to pull it off!

A few weeks ago, I picked up some organic seeds from the store. Wasn’t really sure what I was going to plant or how much room I had to dedicate to planting my garden but I bought what I thought we would use. These included, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, green onion, squash, and more. I also picked up some herbs while I was at it. After I had my seeds, the research began.

I started out by planting the herbs first. Little did I know they actually needed semi-warm tempters to grow, so to Roni’s excitement, the heat was now set at 65, instead of 55. To my excitement, the herbs have started to pop up from the soil! That’s always an exciting feeling. So far so good. I’ve remembered to water them daily if they need it, and I keep turning them to rotate the sunlight.

I’m pretty optimistic about my veggie garden so far. That is, if Roni stays far far away from it. We all know how her carrots came out last year.

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