Ezra’s Little Christmas Tree

Every year, we cut down our own Christmas Tree. Last year, our tree was just a little fuller than that of Good Old Charlie Brown, so when we went this year, we set our hopes somewhere in the range of the Griswolds. There’s this little farm near our house that my mom and I have been going to for years to cut down her tree, so this year we took Ezra to pick out a Christmas tree.

We found the perfect one, had it cut down, and hauled it back home. However, that wasn’t before the owners offered Ezra her own pint-sized tree, for FREE. You should have seen her face light up. She was so proud to show it off to everyone. Turns out at tree farms, there’s a lot of little trees that get cut because they are growing too close to another tree. They either get thrown out or burned. So we gave it its own home, Ezra even offered to drive it home on top of her car.

We got a kick out of strapping it to the roof of pink and purple car and letting her drive around with it. I think she enjoyed it a bit, too.

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