DIY: Children’s Activity board

As most of you know, Ezra is becoming quite the active toddler. She’s now opening doors by herself, helping Roni turn on the light switches, and so much more. The other day I was browsing the Internet and I came across a board on Pinterest with activities for toddlers. There were so many activities! Naturally, I found the one that involved me building something; a latches and hooks activity board.

I instantly needed to make one for Ezra. This was a relatively easy project. So I grabbed my notebook and started jotting down what materials I needed. I have included a material list below. After I had my list, I stopped by the big box store and picked up what I needed. Once I arrived home, I was too excited to start building I didn’t even take the time to change out of my work clothes. I ran to the wood shop, grabbed the scrap wood and drill, and proceeded to layout Ezra’s new activity board.

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DIY Latches and Hooks Activity Board

(1) 2x10x2 board (make sure it’s not pressure treated)
(1) Barrel lock
(1) Entry door spring stop
(1) Slide Bolt entry door chain
(2) Hook and eye latch
(1) 3.5″ Hinge
(1) Gate Hasp
(2) Eye bolts
(1) Gate handle
(1) 2′ section of chain
(6) 6 small s hooks for attaching the chain.
(1) Handle
All hooks should come with screws for installation

Make sure to sand all edges and surfaces of your board before starting. I used 120 grit sandpaper for this, then moved up to 220 for a smoother finish. At this point, you may choose to paint your board, however I preferred the unfinished look.

You can use any size board you’d like, I happened to have a good sized piece of scrap around. First lay out all of the pieces on the board before screwing anything in to make sure there is enough room for everything to freely sit. Once board the is prepped and you’ve decided where you’d like to put all the pieces, attach your hardware!

Secure hardware, making sure to align hooks before drilling screws. Once you complete yours, don’t forget to send us photos! We’d love to see your rendition!

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