Toddlers With Green Thumbs


So I guess I have to eat my words, we’ve found who has the green thumbs in the house. This year, we’re actually growing vegetables. They’re only seedlings right now, but it’s farther than we’ve gotten any year. The little green stalks are starting to peek up from the dirt. We’ve even been able to transplant the starter pods into biodegradable planters to get one step closer to planting in the ground.

We’ve learned that Little Miss Ezra has a knack for growing plants. For the last few years, Andy and I have tried our best at growing vegetables. Between the two of us, we thought we had no green thumbs. We took classes at the local library to learn how to garden better, read blogs online, and even tried planting in our front yard. Turns out, we might just have been overthinking this whole gardening thing.

Like every year, we started plants inside and this year Ezra was old enough to actually help us. So we let her put seeds in the dirt, water the plants and make sure they got enough sun. We even gave her random seeds at one point to let her “play” gardener. I’ll get to that later, but as a spoiler, she has a green thumb, possibly two green thumbs.

So instead of planting our garden at our house this year, we’ve decided to take over the front yard of Andy’s mom’s house. It gives us a chance to go over and visit, but also let us have actual room to grow. At our house, we have to plant above ground only, as we currently rent. So we’re taking a chance this year and trying outdoor gardening again. We have tomatoes, green peppers, even pumpkins are on the list. I’m hoping we actually grow more than just a single cucumber. It would be nice to actually have enough vegetables to cook at least one meal. Maybe even make a salad.


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