A new year, A new set of goals

2017 ithas a year for the record books. Well, my record books anyway. The year was full of ups and downs. From everything from loosing my mom to cancer to purchasing a house and getting married. I’m destined to make this year even better, and I’m going to start with my health goals. I have 3.

  1. I want to run 365 miles this year
  2. I want to hike 10 mountains
  3. I want to eat 780 healthy meals

These are lofty goals but they are easy to tackle if I do them correctly. I’m going to take these goals on the same way you’d eat an elephant, one bite at a time. (No pun intended for goal #3).

Goal #1: Running

I think running be the most physically challanging  for me. At 365 miles, that’s 1 mile a day to run, provided I don’t skip any days. Today is already day 2/365 and I have run 0 miles. In the past when I ran, I did anywhere between 1-3 miles. I am predicting that once I get into a routine, I will increase my distance traveled during each run. To stay on track, I need to be at about 30 miles by the end of the month. I’ll let you know how the progress goes.

For my running, I’m going to use my newly acquired Apple Watch. I purchased the series 3 Nike+ with the hopes that it will help me and encourage me to meet my goals. I’ll post at least weakly updates on how the running went.

Goal #2: Hiking

Hiking is near and dear to my heart. Ever since I was in Boy Scouts in my youth, I have always loved hiking. The outdoors, the challenge, the quite, the peacefulness, you get the point. Everything that typical hikers say about why they hike. I try to get out and hike but with work, family, and being lazy, I don’t get out as much.

When I do I drag Roni along and we both end up being miserable. I try to push the envelope and try the hikes with the great view and the vertical incline. This becomes a miserable experience for the both of us, and even more so if we bring Ezra along. For that reason, I’m going to start small this year. Do a couple flat wooded walks, then scale up. My ultimate goal this year is Mt. Chocorua. Roni and I have tried twice unsuccessfully to summit this mountain. This year, I’m going to do it.

Goal #3: Eating

Eating healthy is going to be the hardest for me. Between my addiction to caffeine and sugar, and the convenience of fast food and snacks, I get sucked in. We have tried several of the “Fad” diets through the last 4 years together. The one keep returning to is the “Whole 30.” We saw some success with this diet as well as some alterations to how my body handles dairy now. More on that later. In my personal opinion, diets don’t work. I need an overall lifestyle change. In stating this, I came up with the following Idea: Eat 65 healthy meals a month. This totals 780 healthy meals for the year.

As I stated before, this is going to be the hardest for me. It’s also the one with the most grey area in the rules. What do I consider healthy? Does it have to be “Whole30 approved”? No. Does it have to be dairy free? No. Does it have to be sugar free? No. Healthy to me means staying within portions and making the right choices. No Soda. No extra sugar. Basically the old addage: Everything in moderation.

That’s it

Those are my 3 easily obtainable goals. Ok, easy may be a stretch but I can do it. For a starting point, I will work on a post later this week with my starting body measurements. That will give me a benchmark for where I started.

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