Pouring Water

Every morning when I wake up, I kiss my wife and daughter goodbye and I get in my truck to head to work. On my way to work, I stop at the gas station and grab 2 red bull’s a Pepsi, and a piece of pizza. This is how my day starts and I hate it. I’m not proud of this, but these are the facts, and something has to change.

I’m not good with change. Especially a lot of change. When I try programs like the whole 30, I don’t do well because it’s a lot at once. So I’m trying something bold, but manageable. I’m only drinking water for 30 days. Only 28 more days after today.

My biggest challenge with this is I love flavor. Or perhaps I’m addicted to the sugar that most drinks use in sugar. I’m not sure. All I know is when I start adding flavors to my water, It becomes a slippery slope. I start justifying to myself that, oh, It’s just a little squirt of flavor. What’s another squirt of flavor? And thus begins the rabbit whole.

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